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Scholl Foot Treatment Corn Tca Pen 20% 4ml


Product details

The Scholl Corn Removal Pen is an effective way to treat corns and severe or persistent calluses.

Visible Results are seen within the first week.

The Corn Removal Pen contains a highly concentrated corn & callus removal gel based on TCA-Active™, which means there is no need to scrape or file the corn or callus.

The pen is reusable and can treat multiple corns. The TCA-Active™ gel induces peeling of the skin. As this occurs, the thickened skin/corn will disappear and new healthy skin will form.

Removes corn without scraping.

No stronger acid for corns.


Corns and calluses are caused by chronic pressure on the skin (for example, by footwear being too tight). Constant friction stimulates the skin to thicken to protect itself, but if the pressure continues it might develop into painful corn or callus.

Suitable for

The Scholl Corn Removal Pen can be used by adults and children from 16 years old.

For diabetics, it is recommended to consult your general practitioner before using the Corn Removal Pen.

During pregnancy or breastfeeding, it is recommended to consult your general practitioner before using the Corn Removal Pen.

How to use


If you have any questions, consult your general practitioner or pharmacist.

  • Hold the pen vertically with the brush tip facing downwards.
  • Slowly turn/click the dial on the top of the pen clockwise to dispense the gel.
  • Allow the gel to flow into the brush for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Carefully apply the gel strictly to the corn or callus using the brush, taking special care not to touch the healthy skin surrounding it.
  • Let the gel dry for 10 -15minutes before putting on socks or shoes.
  • Carefully wipe the brush tip with a tissue before replacing the cap to remove any excess gel and discard the tissue immediately.
  • Repeat once a day for 4 days.


Hazards and Cautions


Warnings and Precautions

The pen contains a strongly corrosive acid. Only apply the TCA-Active™ gel strictly to the area to be treated and do not touch healthy skin. If used on healthy skin, some degree of burning may occur so EXTREME caution is needed when using the Corn Removal Pen.

• Do not use on irritated, infected, reddened or inflamed skin.

• Do not use if you are hypersensitive to one of the ingredients or if you have any doubt whether the skin condition is a corn or callous.

• In case of irritation, redness or pain, clean the area with lots of soap and water and consult your doctor or pharmacist.

• Do not touch the healthy skin. In case the gel comes in contact with healthy skin clean the area with lots of soap and water to prevent skin irritation.