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relax - unwind, rest and recharge


relax - unwind, rest and recharge - try me (5 pieces) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

for when your body is at 9%...

unwind after a day of conference calls, never ending task list, gym class, food fights or bedtime stories.

ease your whole body with an infusion of hops and magnesium, and sleep inducing, natural 5-htp from griffonia seeds.

our dried papaya pieces are then coated in premium broad spectrum cbd fortified with cbg and the most relaxing terpenes we could find.

cbme relax before bed can help you wind down and ensure once you are asleep, you stay asleep… rested and recharged…ready to take on the next morning!  


what's in our cbme papaya pieces?

each cbme dried fruit piece is attentively infused with it's supporting herbal elements before it is generously coated in broad-spectrum cbd distillate and fortified with cbg. 

35mg cbd broad spectrum distillate

fortified with cbg 

relaxing terpenes: high in linalool and terpinolene

herbal elements: hops, magnesium and natural 5-htp from griffonia seeds


broad spectrum cbd distillate: because we don't do anything by halves at cbme! 

we use the whole plant in our distillate rather than an isolate to ensure the synergy of the hemp plant is preserved.

this allows all elements of the hemp plant to work in harmony, which engages the wonderful 'entourage effect', assuring natural absorption and effectiveness from your cbd.



traditional hemp plants grown for commercial uses do not contain a sufficient quantity of this valuable cannabinoid – so we decided to add more of it back in! benefits of cbg range from being a supporting antidepressantpain reliever and at higher doses is a really effective anti-inflammatory.


flower derived relaxing terpenes:

when hemp goes through extraction it doesn't preserve the natural terpenes found in the flower. without these terpenes, you lose the benefits of the entourage effect...so we add them back in. all our terpenes are naturally derived from flower and are carefully made from the most relaxing strains.

our chosen strain is packed full of the most relaxing terpenes linalool and terpinolene which are backed up by myrcene, the mother of all terpenes!


we believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing...so adding certain herbal elements supports cbd with relaxation.


magnesium: a lack of this essential mineral can result in sleep disturbances, or in some people even insomnia! magnesium is essential in maintaining healthy levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, which promotes deep restorative sleep


hop extract: yes - the stuff you find in your favourite lager! xanthohumol, the active ingredient found in hops which relieves tension and ensures once you're asleep, you stay asleep.


griffonia seed extract: a great natural source of 5-htp, which your body needs to create serotonin (our happy hormone). this happy hormone helps with calmness, but as if like magic, when darkness strikes our body converts serotonin to melatonin – our sleepy hormone... aiding us in a wonderfully restful sleep


we also have loads of videos in our educate section. these go into detail about the ingredients and how cbd works!