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Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


MediGenix Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is very user-friendly and practical. With ESH validation you know it's also extremely reliable.

Why is blood pressure important? Blood pressure is important as it tell us the pressure when blood is pushed out of the heart and when your heart relaxes in between beats. If, for example, your blood pressure is too high, it can lead to a stroke or a heart attack and increase your chance of developing long-term health problems such as kidney disease, dementia, or coronary heart disease. By monitoring your blood pressure it can indicate if you are at risk of developing these problems and potentially prevent them from happening.

This blood pressure monitor can quickly indicate any irregularities. With the irregular heart beat indicator and WHO (World Health Organisation) hypertension risk indicator, you are sure to know if there is something of concern. It can be used on many people with the generous universal cuff of 22-42cm. There is also the ability to store two peoples readings on the monitor with up to 60 readings each, which is super handy to keep track of any changes. Included is a useful storage bag for transporting and batteries so it's good to go when it arrives at your door.

There is no doubt the MediGenix Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the best value for money and the monitor of choice.