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Flexiseq Joint Wear & Tear Gel 100g

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Discover drug free joint pain relief with FlexiSEQ Max Strength Gel which targets the underlying cause of joint pain.

Focus on the Core Problem - Unlike traditional pain killers that temporarily relieve inflammation to mask pain, Flexiseq's drug free treatment lubricates the cartilage in joints to help you regain pain-free mobility. It can also be used alongside traditional pain medication with no drug-to-drug interactions

The Science Behind Flexiseq - Every one of our tubes is packed with billions of tiny oily droplets called Sequessomes that penetrate through the skin and into the joint below. Improvements in joint flexibility and reduced joint pain can be seen in patients in 2 to 14 days.

Directions of Use

Spread a thin layer of Flexiseq around the soft tissues of joints (do not rub in) twice daily in the morning and evening. Once applied, leave to air dry for 10 minutes as the drying activates the penetration into joints *Please Note Packaging May Vary