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Gel Knee Cushion for Prayers

£9.16 £12.49

The Flamingo Gel Knee Cushion for Prayers absorbs shock on the knee making it ideal for anyone who experiences pain in this area. Whether from a sports related injury, arthritis or old age the presence of Soft Gel sheet inside provides cushioning to the knee joint ensuring comfort for the wearer. The product is recommended to be used either regularly or during episodes of knee pain where kneeling may cause discomfort. It can also be used to prevent reoccurence of episodic pain. The two way stretch of the material allows for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. This product is sold as a pair pack. Size Guide Small: 27.5-32.5 cms
Medium: 32.5-37.5 cms
Large: 37.5-42.5 cms
XL: 42.5-47.5 cms
2XL: 47.5-52.5 cms
3XL: 52.5-57.5 cms