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Dentemp Temporary Dental Filling Mix

New! Improved! Multi-use vial. Repairs both loose caps & lost fillings! For temporary use only. Instant pain relief. No mixing! Pleasant taste! The one step filling material. "you can eat on it". Instant pain relief. No mix formula for convenience. New improved multi use vial. Pleasant taste. Recommended by dentists. Instant pain relief. Clinically tested safe & effective. New, ready to use dentemp o.s. Replaces lost fillings and cements loose caps, crowns and inlays. Clinically tested, dentemp o.s. Provides fast relief of pain and discomfort until you can see your dentist. Using the same ingredients dentists often use, dentemp o.s. Is safe and so effective "you can eat on it". Visit our website: www.dentemp.com