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Curanail Once Weekly 5% Fungal Nail Treatment 3ml

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Curanail Once a Week 5% Amorolfine Fungal Nail Treatment Lacquer 

Destroy fungal nail infections with this effective medicated antifungal nail treatment for fungal nail infections which commonly infect the big toenail. 

Clinically proven Anti-Fungal Active ingredient Amorolofine penetrates the nail and kills the fungal nail infection.

Curanail Fungal Nail Infection treatment is designed to be used once weekly to kill the fungus tinea unguium which causes fungal nail infection.

Fungal nail infections can range from mild and moderate to severe and in some cases can result in permanent damage of the nail. 

This high strength Pharmacy treatment is designed to be used for nail infections of the finger or toe nails. Typically Curanail antifungal nail treatment requires approximately 6 months to cure fungal nail infections of the fingernail. Treatment of toenail fungal infections typically requires between 9-12 months of treatment with Curanail 5% Antifungal Nail Lacquer.  

Treat Fungal Nails Effectively with Curanail 5% Amorolfine Lacquer

  • An effective treatment for mild fungal nail infection
  • Penetrates the nail, kills the fungus and prevents further infection spreading
  • Works underneath nail varnish
  • Just one application a week
  • Always read the patient information leaflet
  • Consult your Pharmacist or GP is symptoms persist
  • Do not use if under 18, pregnant or if you have diabetes.
  • Consult the enclosed patient information leaflet for additional advise on appropriate use of Cural Nail Antifungal treatment
  • Discuss using Curanail with your Healthcare team if you have a moderate to severe infection or infection of multiple nails.