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Clearblue Pregnancy Test Ultra Early Triple-Check Combo Pack - Kit Of 3 Tests (1 Digital, 2 Visual)


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Combo pack for great value and extra reassurance: contains two Clearblue Ultra Early Tests and one Clearblue Digital Early Detection Test
No brand is more accurate: Clearblue is over 99 Percent accurate at detecting pregnancy from the day you expect your period
Ultra Early: results 6 days before your missed period (1)
Digital Early Detection: unmistakably clear digital results in words, in 1-3 minutes
Digital Early Detection: only pregnancy test with smart countdown to your result, reassuring you from start to finish
Ultra Early: no test can tell you sooner
Ultra Early: easy to use with its ergonomic handle, colour-changing extra wide tip and Floodguard(TM) Technology
No. 1 brand most recommended in a survey of doctors in the UK (data on file)