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CB12 Safe Breath Oral Care Agent Mint Menthol 250ml


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CB12 Mouthwash - Neutralises substances and processes that cause bad breath

Developed by dentists, CB12 is a unique new mouthwash that offers a lasting solution to bad breath. It works against the build-up of sulphurous gases in your mouth, which are the cause of bad breath. Enjoy odour free breath, for up to 12 hours! 

Unlike other oral hygiene products, it doesn’t just mask bad breath - CB12’s clinically proven formulation neutralises and prevents the cause of the problem for 12 hours with just one use. The active ingredients in CB12 – Zinc and Chlorhexidine - neutralise the volatile sulphurous compound (VSC) gases that cause bad breath, without killing oral bacteria that are a natural part of digestion.