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CB12 Safe Breath Oral Care Agent Mild 250ml


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Description: CB12 Safe Breath Oral Care Agent Mild Mint/Menthol prevents and treats bad breath. The oral care neutralises the malodorous sulphur gases in the mouth. The effect of this mouthwash is instant and provides odour-free breath for approx. 12 hours. The unique and patented formulation of this mouthwash is proven to perform best against bad breath than other oral products that may just mask the smell of bad breath. The solution contains 0.05% sodium fluoride that helps to prevent tooth decay, and zinc acetate neutralises these sulphurous gases, providing you with safe and confident breath from the very first rinse.


Usage Directions:

  • Open lid of the bottle
  • Hold it at an angle downward
  • Keep the red button pressed
  • The dosage system in bottle automatically provides a 10ml dose
  • Rinse it for approx. 30 sec. to 1 min
  • Gargle and then spit it out
  • Do not swallow the solution


Side Effects and Precautions:

  • The oral care solution is suitable for all above 12 years
  • No side effects as such are observed
  • However, in case you come across any side effect consult your doctor