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Braun Nasal Aspirator 1

Clear Stuffy Noses for All Ages 0+ | The BNA100 from Braun is a hygenic and easy to use alternative to manual nasal aspirators. Ideal for babies and young children with colds, allergies or blocked noses. The Braun Nasal aspirator 1 has two nasal tip options for a snug fit. Two suction options make clearing mucus and snot a quick an quiet task. and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.

No need for manual suction - Our battery-operated device gently removes congestion
Quiet & comfortable - For stress-free relief from nasal congestion
Two gentle settings - Start with the lower suction setting and increase if needed
Two comfortable tips - Choose the right fit for your little one’s nostrils. Improved bigger holes of the tips will allow an enlarged suction area
Dishwasher safe parts - Making it easier for you to clean after each use
Insert the device into your little one’s nostril correctly, it should be tight enough for the device to work properly