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Braun Clean and Renew Refill Cartridges 3 Pieces

£13.33 £16.24

3 x Clean & Renew Cartridge ( Not in retail Pack. 3 x individual genuine cartridge from larger packs )

If you have any Braun shaver that includes a clean and charge base station these are the refills you need. The cleaning fluid is specially formulated to care for your shaver's cutting components while leaving them looking and performing like new, giving you the closest, quickest shave possible.

Shaver feels like new every day. The Braun Clean & Renew refill cartridge pack is for use with all Braun Clean & Renew units. The cartridges are full of hygienic cleaning fluid with lemon fresh scent to ensure your shaver performs like new after every clean and charge. The cartridges now have better lubrication to improve shaver performance.


Pack of 3 cleaning refills to suit all Braun clean and charge units
Alcohol based formula ensures maximum hygiene
High energy lubricants keep shaver at maximum performance
Lemon-fresh formula makes every shave a more refreshing experience
Replaceable cartridge with alcohol based cleaning fluid
Fits all Braun cleaning systems
One cartridge last approximately about 30 cleaning cycles