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Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Pessaries Plus - 10 Pack


Relieve Vaginal Dryness with Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Pessaries from Chemist2You

Balance Active Moisture plus pessaries are designed to relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness which can be associated with hormonal changes experienced during menopause. 

Vaginal dryness or itching? Balance Activ Moisture Plus Pessaries include Hyaluronic Acid and Sweet Almond Oil to deliver a fast-acting vaginal moisturiser where you need it most.

Balance Active Moisture Plus pessaries include natural ingredients such as almond oil. The almond oil included in the moisturising Balance Activ formula offers soothing relief from vaginal dryness, atrophy and discomfort. Balance Activ Moisture Pessaries also contain Hyaluronic Acid, together with the sweet almond oil this helps scratches or irritation caused by dryness in the vagina heal.

What is Vaginal Atrophy and how can Balance Active Moisture Plus Pessaries Help?

Vaginal atrophy is a chronic condition with affects 45% of menopausal women and can have a very negative effect on personal relationships and sex lives as well as physical and mental health. Vaginal dryness is also experienced by most women from time-to-time during or after menopause and causes discomfort and irritation.

Balance Activ Menopause Moisture Pessaries Plus is hormone and paraben free and is designed to work in harmony with your body to restore moisture in cases of vaginal dryness and atrophy. It is designed to promote healing after childbirth, surgery, and in cases of dystrophy resulting from chemotherapy, ionising radiation and oestrogen deficiency.

Included are 10 individually wrapped, easy to use, single use pessaries.

If you are pregnant, breast feeding or taking any other products for topical use, please consult your doctor before using this product