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Abdominal Binder

£16.66 £19.99

Commonly used following surgery, as recommended by the patient's care team, the Flamingo Abdominal Binder is a wide compression belt that supports the abdominal region. The wide style prevents the belt from rolling over whilst the flexible stays ensure good support. In addition the velcro fastening makes it straightforward to take on and off whilst ensuring an optimum fit. For use following c-section or after giving birth please consult your doctor or midwife. Please note this item is not eligible for VAT relief.

Size Guide 

  • Small: 70-80 cm
  • Medium: 80-90 cm
  • Large: 90-100 cm
  • XL: 100-110 cm
  • 2XL: 110-120 cm
  • 3XL:120-130 cm